About Cindel

Our history

Cindel begins as the idea of ​​having fabulous dresses within reach in 2019. Having your favorite dress to feel like the star of the place, wearing it and wanting to share it with everyone. Cindel's dresses have been and continue to be part of spectacular moments such as bachelorette parties, your best friend's wedding or graduations. It also reaches any part of Mexico.

We are currently based entirely online. Our team is in Mexico City, Merida and Tampico. Shipments leave Tampico the same business day and arrive anywhere in the country in 1-2 days.

Why the name Cindel?

Cindel is an inspiration in the word "cinderella" (Cinderella). For us it is important that everyone can have their "cinderella moment" (Cinderella moment). In which we may have had a bad day, but it's time to wear your dress and it makes you the star of the place, nothing stops you! Cindel is elegant, genius, unique, she empowers you and makes you feel feminine. It highlights the purity of the simple and how much something so simple can make such an impression. A brand where you will always find what goes with your style.

Who is the Cindel girl?

In Cindel there are all kinds of women but always with very similar characteristics. A person who knows that you have to dare to wear different clothes but adapt them to your style. That clothes always change the attitude and care about looking good wherever you go. She knows that in Cindel she will find the next outfit to achieve her goals. Because the women behind Cindel fully understand what she is looking for.

We want to know a little more about you

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